Coral Springs Museum of Art

It is a writer’s journalistic obligation to invent a method of inscription that paints a clear “picture” with words and without using a brush. So, it’s not surprising to learn that artist Camilla Webster, whose work is the focus of an important survey exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of Art (CSMOA), offers the viewer dreamlike canvases that discourse visually like a travel correspondent’s notebook. Webster, who also is a former professional reporter and award-winning writer and journalist for Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, has quite naturally and elegantly channeled her previous extensive and evocative writing experiences onto a dynamic, painted canvas that speaks its own distinct non-representational language with a universal message. Starting her career at CBS News with the creators of shows like “CBS Sunday Morning” and “60 Minutes,” Webster learned to craft a distinct, comprehensive, advanced plan of action using audio and video to capture the power of nature and world changing events. She brought to the audience the essence of a subject’s often colorful personality and a condensation of information within a restricted amount of time.

Camilla Webster gives her TED Talk Art in Front of You

Camilla Webster is a widely exhibited and museum-collected fine artist now living and working in South Florida. Currently on exhibit at Ocean Sotheby’s Roberto Russell Galleries in Islamorada, Camilla’s work is also in private collections all over the world. 

Upcoming Events

Camilla Webster's Installation for Season Opener, "Angels in America"

Museum-collected fine artist Camilla Webster hosted “Angels in America” at the Studio 1608 season opener in Palm Beach, Florida. The installation was part of Adam Dolle’s exhibit “A Question of Morals” examining the impact of gun violence in America. The exhibit featured several new angel works as well as her “Stars and Stripes” painting series.